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What is PDF X-RAY?

PDF X-RAY is a PDF scanner that will try and classify if a suspicious PDF is malicious or not. It does this using a number of different data sources, statistical analysis and comparisons of collected malware samples based on months of research. PDF X-RAY will provide more detailed results compared to a traditional anti-virus because it compares the uploaded sample to other known malicious documents. For more information, read our research


Warning about a possible attack in IOS: vulnerability in PDF files

It has been a firm German security that has sounded the alert.Apparently, the vulnerability gets motivated in those terminals Apple withjailbreak . The amendment, which allows the device released, and thus to obtain applications outside the official circuit of Apple, would also delivering a large number of maleware SW through PDFs.

Although this is more of a warning that a series of confirmed data, security firm warns consumers that the arrival of malware of this type would not be reduced to the modified devices, but all teams IOS Apple.

Truddy Muller, a spokeswoman for Apple, added some uncertainty to the news, as it has stated that since the problem that Apple is trying to find a solution known . One of the main problems users encounter with jailbreak is that they lose the guarantee offered by Apple, so if encounter this problem could not go to the normal channels.

From Dev-Team, one of the leading developers of the tool, wanted to lower the alert level will be explaining that very few cases. Instead developers Jailbrekme. Com , have released a patch to fix potential vulnerability related to the PDF .

The new Office will finally support for PDF

More data still seeping from one of the most popular office suites, not to mention the most famous. The new version of Office, tentatively called Office 15 but found that Windows 8 is about to land could be renamed view to have more commercial punch, not only will Metro interface , but also adopted the format ODF 1.2 , a definitive symbol that Microsoft is betting on the standards, a must to succeed today. We now know that in addition, will also finally with support for PDF .

The arrival of PDF means that anyone with the suite , specifically Microsoft Word, you can open documents Portable Document Format , perhaps the most used format worldwide to contain reports, and almost all kinds of text documents or even graphics. The beta of Office 15 would just in a few weeks, but the final product is delayed (perhaps by the launch of Windows 8 we mentioned) until next year.

And why do we treat this as good news, if we criticized recently that Flash would be present in Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 , for example? Well, for starters license is not all the same. PDF is not a standard, at least not all the standards necessary certificates for that so we can consider, but anyone who wants to make applications that read PDF can do so without paying a dollar to Adobe, which owns but whose patents do not work in this regard.

Moreover, we have a format that is much more tax today than Flash, which still depend on many sites, but no longer used to house documents that are consumed in one way or another offline , at least a majority and although of course we obtain network.



Scan documents and save as PDF with a camera phone thanks to Google Drive

Google Drive seems to be a storage service in the cloud like any other, but having behind the biggest Internet giant makes is full of surprises. One who does not know many people and that is integrated into almost any Android phone is the document scanner that also keeps in PDF. These documents also synchronize with all devices that have installed Google Drive with our own, making it much easier to share and save.

Steps to Create PDF with Google Drive

The process to create a PDF with Google Drive is extremely simple. The steps are as follows:

1.- Open the Google Drive application on any Android terminal, it should be noted that the document scanning function is not available in the version of the app on iOS or on your desktop version, you can not use for the same purpose a portable camera.

2. We look for the button with the “+” symbol on the bottom right corner to create a new project.

3. At this time is when we look for the “scan” among which are available.

4. Now we can only focus on the document, receipt, invoice or any other paper you want to scan. It has to be, on the other hand, a document typed text as the Google Drive OCR system is not able to recognize handwriting input. You can add several pages to the document giving the “+” button or save giving the “√”.

5. Now we only accept the image and save the document in our account Google Drive. We can automatically search for, viewed and downloaded as any other document.

Once we already have this document, we can open and edit in any other application.Moreover, if we use tools such as Adobe Acrobat we can navigate through the document and search for text with CTRL + F command. In the event that any text is found, simply operate the analyzer characters and entire document will be editable or, at least, the text will be recognized on any computer and will not appear as a single image.

This is the easiest way for those who have to go keeping hundreds of documents such as receipts or invoices, especially the self-employed, which can take now synchronized between your phone and your computer all the paperwork, without accumulating dozens of papers .